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🚧 DMNO is still in beta! Use with caution!
✨ If you've tried DMNO or looked through the docs, let us know what you think!

dmno run


Description: Runs a command with the resolved config for a service



watch for config changes and re-run

-s, --service [service]

which service to load


skips config cache altogether, will not read or write


clears the cache before continuing, will write new values to cache


Terminal window
# Runs the echo command with the resolved config for service1
dmno run --service service1 -- printenv $SOME_ITEM
# Runs the somecommand with the resolved config using SOME_VAR via printenv
dmno run —-service service1 -- somecommand --some-option=(printenv SOME_VAR)
a CLI showing the dmno run command