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🚧 DMNO is still in beta! Use with caution!
✨ If you've tried DMNO or looked through the docs, let us know what you think!

dmno init

dmno init is the easiest way to get started with DMNO.

It will automatically detect your project type and install the necessary packages and configuration for you. This includes setting up your config.mts file, and creating a .dmno directory in the root of your project. It will also import any config items from your .env files and add them to the schema in your config.mts files. Finally, it will install and configure any necessary integrations for your project type.


Description: Sets up dmno in your repo, and can help add to new packages within your monorepo - safe to run multiple times



automatically select defaults and do not prompt for any input


Terminal window
# Set up dmno and uses interactive menus to make selections
dmno init
a CLI showing the dmno init command